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Marcel Nollen, Inholland: “StuComm speaks the language of the student”

University of Applied Sciences Inholland is recovering from a tough period. Marcel Nollen, member of the Executive Board of Inholland, states that Inholland has made some adjustments in their vision. “The students are the most important factor. Our mission is to best serve their needs. We add value to the society by focusing on the students. We exist because of the students. Therefore, we solely focus on them!”

Focusing on the service to students is one step towards full recovery. “We are implementing several services to make the lives of our students much easier. One of these solutions is the development of a new portal. A portal that displays all the necessary information for students in the blink of an eye.”

StuComm Inholland is not only implementing a new portal, they have also partnered up with StuComm. “We were exploring the market for opportunities to create perfectly informed students, and got really excited by StuComm’s solution. The MijnInholland app is a tremendous success. Thousands of students are currently using the app.”

“I am extremely excited about the partnership with StuComm. StuComm understands, and speaks the language of the student. They have a young, enthusiastic team, that quickly responds to questions, difficulties, and opportunities. This results in a very positive vibe.”

“StuComm is a company that offers a fantastic product, with the possibility to expand to enormous proportions. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad.” Nollen states that Inholland is very proud to be one of StuComm’s first customers. “We are very happy to work alongside StuComm and react to the desires of our students. We are focusing to help and support our students, not only with our new portal and the StudentsApp of StuComm, but we also provide additional support for our students.”

Start-ups “Inholland Alkmaar offers several facilities for startups. Students of Inholland who are thinking of starting their own business, or who already started their own business, can make use of our facilities and knowledge. Startups are essential to the current economy. Therefore, we have to treasure them, and offer them the opportunity to grow and improve their business.” Various programmes of Inholland offer the module entrepreneurship, in order to stimulate and facilitate entrepreneurship.

Inholland is a great supporter of innovations. “We offer students the opportunity to create and implement new ideas. It is very valuable for our students to work alongside companies, and experience the innovation-culture. Besides, our lecturers are constantly exploration the market, and researching for new opportunities. Inholland is striving to be an innovative university of applied sciences, in its broadest sense.”

“I am extremely excited about the partnership with StuComm“, Marcel Nollen, Inholland

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