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We are changing the way educational institutions and students communicate.
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With the StudentsApp we improve students' lives

All their information in one App, on their smartphone and the student only has to login once!


With the StudentsApp students can access all the information they need. They can be informed effectively and efficiently, and also on time. Timetable changes can be communicated directly to students, as well as newly added study results. With the StudentsApp students are perfectly informed, all the time. Information like timetable, study results, news, teacher absence, and student presence can be displayed to students through the StudentsApp.


Include students in the process of improving your education. With the StudentsApp you can involve your students in this process. Involve students in various themes. Themes like exam/class feedback, yes/no statements, ratings, and social sharing. By involving your students, you can respond to their needs and desires.


The StudentsApp enables educational institutions to inspire students on a whole new level! Proven concepts like gamification, competition, and rewards are added to the StudentsApp. By setting goals and achievements students are motivated to reach the goals. Gamification gives a certain fun-element to the app, which enlarges the competition among students and willingness to share their accomplishments.